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Oak Coffee

Oak Coffee

The floor is made of natural thermo oak, covered with transparent UV varnish. The warm brown color of the boards is the result of exposure to high temperature. It is a floor with a unique, very pleasant color and a versatile application. Therapy not only changes the color of wood, but also increases its resistance to temperature and humidity. Each board is unique: the permeating shades of sweet caramel and dark chocolate and the varied manner of graining are the originality of each stave.



- Collection - Corporate
- Wood species - oak
- Available wood classes - natur / rustikal / country
- Available types - layered flooring / laminated parquet
- Finish - varnish
- Available structures - lightly brushed
- Chamfered edges - yes / no
- Mounting method - glued to the ground
- Suitable for underfloor heating - yes

- Available sizes:

Thickness - 11/15 mm
Width - 70/90/120/150/190 mm
Length - 500/2000 mm