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Floorboard Bamboo

Floorboard Bamboo

Bamboo floors are unique thanks to the interesting structure, reflecting the structure of bamboo shoots. They are also distinguished by an amber color, which can be modified by appropriate thermal treatment. Bamboo floors are available in two versions: solid boards made of pressed bamboo and a laminate floor. Bamboo boards pressed under high pressure gain high hardness and dimensional stability. Thanks to this, the floors work perfectly and retain their aesthetic and functional values ​​for many years.



- Collection - exotic floors
- Wood species - bamboo
- Available wood classes - natur
- Type - solid wood floor board
- Finish - varnish
- Available structures - smooth
- Chamfered edges - yes
- Mounting method - glued to the ground
- Suitable for underfloor heating - yes

- Available sizes:

Thickness - 11/15 mm
Width - 90/120 mm
Length - 300 - 1200 mm